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Woman leaving religion risks losing her children

Parents in New York and other states just want what is best for their children. While this seems like an easy task to accomplish, it sometimes means taking huge risks and making major sacrifices. Going through a divorce is anything but pleasant; however, it can be necessary to provide the proper environment for a child. While this might be the end goal, certain factors can come into play when determining the best interests of a child.

Can business travel end your marriage?

The first time you needed to travel for business, you felt nothing but excitement. You were young, you still had not seen much of the world, and you saw this as a way to get paid to go exploring. Sure, you had some work obligations, but you got a trip away from home that made it worth it.

Domestic abuse laws in New York

While no relationship is perfect, there are some things that should not exist between a couple, one of which is violence. Domestic violence can look very different between on couple to the next; however, the underlying issue is that there is abuse towards a person. This abuse could be physical, emotional, mental, sexual and even financial. Those fallen victim to domestic violence in New York can take steps to protect themselves and their situation.

Protecting your financial rights in a high-asset divorce

We do not realize how important some things are until we are in a certain situation. Consider divorce for example. Some people in New York would not think about protecting their assets, assessing their finances or even losing the things they worked hard to obtain. However, marriage and divorce bring about these thoughts. For these reasons, some couples decide to include a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in their union. While a couple or spouse does not need to be wealthy to utilize these documents, it is a common and very useful document to have when going through a high-asset divorce.

Hidden tax issues during divorce

Many things enter a person's mind when they think about ending their marriage. Of course, there is the emotional aspect of this matter. In addition, spouses in New York are faced with the challenging task of splitting up their belongings. It can be hard to part ways with certain pieces of property; however, this is a vital step to take. It is also important to consider how the decision made today could impact each spouse in the future.

What can visitation look like in a custody matter?

Parents in New York and elsewhere work tirelessly to meet the needs of their children. This means providing and adequate and safe environment, ensuring that everything they require is provided to them. This is often easier when two parents are providing this care. But because divorce is a likely occurrence in society today, one custodial parent is often caring for their child. In this custody situation, this does not mean the non-custodial parent is not available to provide and be there for their child. Parenting time is also sought through a visitation petition.

Going through a divorce on a budget

When we imagine walking down the aisle on our wedding day, we are often overjoyed and filled with positive thoughts. These emotions are the exact opposite when that same couple walks down the aisle in a divorce court. The one thing that is similar in these situations is that both spouses want to complete both events on a budget. A wedding and a divorce are two events that can cause a person's wallet to take a major hit. Much like there are ways to marry on a budget, residents of New York may be relieved to hear that it is also possible to divorce on a budget.

The predisposition of divorce

With the divorce rate around fifty percent, it is likely that one knows more than one person that has gone through the divorce process. In some cases, individuals that were children of divorce also had divorced grandparents and saw marriages end all around them. This has led some to question whether a person is more likely to divorce based on their family's history of divorce.

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