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Let our firm help you manage your child custody needs

Even when their parents are mindful of their needs and work to minimize the stresses that may fall upon them, children of divorce can have difficult lives at first. New York parents who have ended their marriages in divorce understand that it is difficult to protect children from the strains of ending a marriage. Not only must children learn to live without both of their parents living under a single roof but they may also have to adjust to a child custody schedule that throws off their normal routines.

Rights of victims of domestic abuse

The image that a New York family shows to the world may be very different than the reality of the family's everyday life. While many families operate with love and disagreements, never allowing either to cause extreme or dangerous behavior between the members, others are plagued by a very real and very damaging problem: domestic violence. Members of a family may conceal their abuse from others and carry the burden of violence alone, without the support of those they may trust.

Don't let divorce derail your financial future

Many New Yorkers have spent their lifetimes working hard and building up their wealth so that one day they may retire and enjoy a less stressful existence. From savings accounts to retirement plans to individual investments their financial assets may be just enough for them to leave their jobs and live off of their prior earnings until the ends of their lives.

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