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November 2018 Archives

What is a family court order for protection in New York?

In New York, it is an unfortunate truth that a dispute between people who are involved in a relationship will sometimes become violent. These situations are dangerous from the start and it is important for the victim to understand that there are protections available to stop the abuse. One beneficial strategy that will prevent the alleged abuser from continuing the treatment is to get a Family Court order for protection. When thinking about this option, it is imperative that the person understands how to move forward with it and has help from a legal professional experienced in these matters.

When divorced parents don't see eye-to-eye on discipline

Divorced parents often struggle seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, including that of disciplining the children. Since it is so important for kids to have consistency in this area, a lack of it -- or direct conflict between the parents -- can make it harder for either parent to make any progress. Let's break the issue down a bit so that you can see how and why it happens.

Former New York City mayor involved in high asset divorce

Any divorce has its difficulties, but when it is a high asset divorce involving a high-profile couple, it adds several layers to what they must deal with publicly and privately. Regardless of the circumstances, many divorces have certain similarities and that is true whether the couple was prominent and had significant assets or it was a more low-key couple whose income and assets were limited. One factor that should not be ignored is the need to have legal assistance from the beginning of the case.

New York divorce and dealing with inheritance and retirement

New Yorkers will want to shore up their future and not need to worry about their paycheck being their sole source of income and protection. There can be different interpretations of financial freedom with the goals being individual and based on wants, desires and priorities. When a divorce enters the picture, it can throw a wrench into the most intricately devised plans. Having legal assistance with this difficult type of divorce is crucial.

How do domestic abuse claims impact custody and visitation?

In New York, just about every relationship that is coming to an end will have family issues that make the situation difficult. In extreme cases, people will be subjected to domestic violence and abuse. When there is a divorce and there are children involved, domestic violence can impact how custody and visitation is handled. With safety concerns, the law will address a custody dispute to protect the alleged victims. Understanding how this is factored in is critical to a case for both parties.

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