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Why should all couples consider a prenup before getting married?

Wealthy or not, couples face many financial ups and downs. Even if they have lived comfortably and never had concerns about their assets and property, it is important to consider these items when getting married. Prenuptial agreements were traditionally for those with many assets that needed protecting. However, today the situation is much more different. Any couple can benefit from a prenup, making it a vital and valuable document to include in a marriage.

Seeking protection from domestic violence

Family members don't get along from time to time. While these could be categorized as silly fights, others can be very dramatic and serious. Even when family members are able to keep their emotions and temper in check, a certain dispute could erupt into a full-blown fight that turns aggressive. Domestic violence can be a very serious situation for families in New York and elsewhere. These events could tear families apart, even causing some to seek added protection from future occurrences.

Helping you through a high-asset divorce

When wealthy people marry, money tends to be the object of many issues. While the couple may not be worried about their finances in relation to affording certain purchases or paying the bills, it is likely a concern for the couple if they end up divorced. Protecting assets is a step many couples take, wealthy or not. A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is a device used to not only protect certain assets but also help with the divorce process.

Is joint physical custody always right for a child?

Family law courts in New York can set forth a variety of different custody plans that suit the varying needs of the different children who come through their chambers. In some cases, it may be appropriate to grant one parent the sole physical and legal custody of a child, while in others it may be appropriate to allow the parents to share both important forms of caring for their children. To this end decisions regarding physical custody must be based on the needs of the particular kids who will be subject to the orders' mandates.

Children and New York's domestic violence laws

Violence or abuse that occurs between people who are related or who are in close relationships is often termed a domestic dispute. Although it is often thought of as only a problem between individuals in intimate relationships, in New York the laws regarding domestic disputes also extend to family members related by blood. This can mean that abuse committed by a parent toward their child is punishable under the domestic violence statutes of the state.

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