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April 2018 Archives

What are the benefits of a New York prenuptial agreement?

Certain things stand out among the rich and famous when they get married. Not only are they likely to extravagant weddings, but also these individuals are highly likely to have a prenuptial agreement in their union. While these documents are used to protect one's fortunes, today, they do much more than that. Therefore, these marital legal documents are not just for the wealthy.

Domestic violence and protecting our client's rights

Fights happen in relationships. It is fairly common for couples in New York and elsewhere to not get along at times. However, these disputes are likely minor and resolvable. Unfortunately, some fights can get out of hand. Spouses might feel emotionally, mentally and physically abused. This can be considered an unsafe situation for not only the victimized spouse, but also children if the couple has any.

What is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce?

When couples in New York and elsewhere decide to end their marriage, it might be a mutual situation. Both spouses look at the marriage as being a negative relationship, and ending it will provide both of them with the ability to start fresh. However, some spouses are caught off-guard when their spouse files for divorce. This can sometimes be a complex matter, as contesting a divorce requires much more work.

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