Divorce Is Hard Enough. Let Us Help You Resolve It Fairly.

While divorce is quite common, it is a uniquely difficult experience.

Do not trust your family and financial future to just any attorney. At Advocate, LLP, our matrimonial attorneys have long been fierce advocates for clients going through divorce. We fight for what is important to you, and we are focused on finding effective solutions to your particular circumstances.

We treat clients with the importance they deserve. That means we provide personalized representation based on your needs. We listen to you, help you prioritize your goals and then use our expertise to effect those goals.

A Divorce Lawyer With Integrity

You may have preconceived notions about what divorce lawyers do. At Advocate, LLP, we are confident we can help you get through divorce by finding legal solutions even in complex legal matters, including a fair division of property in divorces involving significant assets. We will answer your questions clearly, whether you are wondering about keeping an inheritance, getting an annulment in lieu of divorce or dividing up retirement assets.

We are not looking to escalate conflicts. We are looking for resolutions and closure to this difficult situation, while protecting your interests.

The Strength And Toughness You Need. We Will Stand Up For You In Court.

While our focus is on finding efficient resolutions, make no mistake: we are ready to go to court when needed. If you need alimony because you sacrificed career goals to care for the home, marriage or children, we will fight vigorously to protect you financially, both in negotiations and in court.

In vital matters involving your financial future and your family, we stand up for your legal rights.

A Record Of Success

The divorce lawyers at Advocate, LLP, have earned their reputation through years of dedicated representation. We are experienced, knowledgeable and have earned our status as premier divorce lawyers in New York City. Our attorneys have been named to the Super Lawyers list and the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list. We are ready to help.

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