When Existing Support Orders Are No Longer Right For You, Call Advocate, LLP

As people who have previously divorced know, a new life begins after a split. Often, the financial situation of each party to the divorce changes as time goes by. Promotions, layoffs, relocations and other life events mean that an existing child custody and/or child support order may no longer be appropriate.

Modifications To Existing Orders

Under New York law, it is possible to petition the court to modify an existing child custody or support order after a significant change in circumstances. At Advocate, LLP, our experienced lawyers can help you determine if a modification is appropriate. We also regularly help clients who are contesting relocation of children or seeking to keep an existing order in effect.

Named to the Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, respectively, Jason Advocate will clearly and honestly explain your options and potential legal options.

Enforcement Of Child Support Orders

Custodial parents depend on child support payments that are on time and paid in full. When the payor parent refuses to abide by a child support order, you have legal rights in seeking the money you are owed.

Advocate, LLP, can walk you through your options, including having a judge holding the nonpaying spouse in contempt of court. If successful, you can have payments deducted from the nonpaying parent’s paycheck, have liens issued against bank accounts and real estate, and other enforcement actions.

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