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Child custody tips when you're ready to remarry

You became a successful business owner during your first marriage, but all that time at the office took a toll. Your spouse left you, saying the relationship did not have the spark it once had. You had more money and more success professionally, but you had to sacrifice in other areas to get it.

During the divorce, you got shared custody rights for the kids. They were your primary focus during the entire process. You have them every other week, splitting time with your ex.

What are the benefits of a New York prenuptial agreement?

Certain things stand out among the rich and famous when they get married. Not only are they likely to extravagant weddings, but also these individuals are highly likely to have a prenuptial agreement in their union. While these documents are used to protect one's fortunes, today, they do much more than that. Therefore, these marital legal documents are not just for the wealthy.

What are the benefits of a prenuptial agreement? Although some view planning for a divorce to be negative or even cynical, it is considered to be a smart move. A divorce can leave a person in a worse off position and without the assets and property he or she would want to leave the marriage with. Even if one believes that divorce is extremely unlikely, it is still important to plan and prepare for this event.

Domestic violence and protecting our client's rights

Fights happen in relationships. It is fairly common for couples in New York and elsewhere to not get along at times. However, these disputes are likely minor and resolvable. Unfortunately, some fights can get out of hand. Spouses might feel emotionally, mentally and physically abused. This can be considered an unsafe situation for not only the victimized spouse, but also children if the couple has any.

This is a difficult and problematic matter for any spouse to admit they are going through. Domestic violence is not an easy situation to be in, and it certainly is not an easy one to address. Nonetheless, individuals should understand how they could take steps to better protect themselves and their future.

What is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce?

When couples in New York and elsewhere decide to end their marriage, it might be a mutual situation. Both spouses look at the marriage as being a negative relationship, and ending it will provide both of them with the ability to start fresh. However, some spouses are caught off-guard when their spouse files for divorce. This can sometimes be a complex matter, as contesting a divorce requires much more work.

What is the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce is when both spouses decide to divorce. This also means that both spouses agree on what will happen with children, finances and property during and following the divorce process. An uncontested divorce can be much simpler and easy process. Spouses are able to work on reaching an agreement on their own, filing it with the court once complete. However, if they cannot reach an agreement on their own, it is possible to obtain help through mediation and collaborative family law.

Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump, Jr.

No matter the length of a marriage, ending the union is difficult event. The divorce process is further complicated when those involved in it are in the public eye. Having the details of one's divorce reported about and scrutinized can add extra challenges. However, when it comes to the basics, every couple that goes through divorce must address property division, child custody, if children are involved and possibly support payments for either a spouse, the children or both.

According to recent reports, Vanessa Trump has filed for divorce from Donald Trump, Jr., in New York. Reports indicate that the divorce is not contested. The two married in 2005, and during their 13-year marriage, the couple had five children together.

4 options when divorce threatens your family business

A decade ago, when you and your spouse launched your family business, you thought the marriage was rock solid. You both felt excited to work together and see your dream evolve.

For the first few years, it went very well. Then, even though the business was doing better than ever, your marriage started coming apart. You stuck with it as long as you could, but then your spouse came out and asked for a divorce.

Domestic violence and victim rights

Married or unmarried, no relationship is perfect. While relationships experience ups and downs that can be completely normal, this does not mean that it is normal for a spouse or a partner to experience abuse in the relationship. Domestic violence can be a very serious situation, coming in a wide variety of forms. Thus, some individuals in New York and elsewhere may not realize that he or she is a victim of domestic violence right away. No matter the situation, those caught in a situation that could be domestic violence should understand their rights and options.

Victims of domestic violence are afforded both civil and criminal protections. This can range from obtaining a temporary restraining order to an abuser facing jail time. A victim's decision to take a stance against an abuser could be a vital one, as some victims go years without every doing or saying a thing.

Bill Hader and ex reach divorce settlement

Whether a couple is in the public eye or not, marital issues can exist. However, being in the public eye could present additional problems, as the media might portray the relationship in a wrong light. When celebrity couples divorce, the public is usually seeking for juicy details; however, these individuals are just like anyone dealing with a broken relationship. The couple must complete the divorce process, sorting through any divorce issue on the table.

Take for example the divorce of actor Bill Hader and Maggie Carey. Based on recent reports, the couple has reached a settlement in their divorce filing. This occurred only two months after filing for dissolution. This settlement addressed a wide range of divorce issues, and if all remains the same, the former spouses are set to become single on June 23.

What is custodial interference?

Maintaining physical and legal custody of one's child after a divorce can be a huge win for a parent who wants nothing more than to continue to support their child's development. However, in many cases a New York parent will be asked to share physical and legal custody of their child with the child's other parent. While in some cases joint or shared custodial arrangements work well and serve the children's best interests, in other cases these plans can backfire and lead to situations where parents interfere with each other's custodial and visitation rights.

For example, in a child custody agreement or order a child's parents may agree to how and when the child will be transferred from one of the parent's physical custody to the others. If one parent habitually and intentionally is late, fails to show up at all or otherwise acts against the terms of the custody order or agreement then they may be engaging in custodial interference.

Why should all couples consider a prenup before getting married?

Wealthy or not, couples face many financial ups and downs. Even if they have lived comfortably and never had concerns about their assets and property, it is important to consider these items when getting married. Prenuptial agreements were traditionally for those with many assets that needed protecting. However, today the situation is much more different. Any couple can benefit from a prenup, making it a vital and valuable document to include in a marriage.

Why should all couples consider a prenup before getting married? There are many factors in life that can make a prenuptial agreement vital. If an individual owns a business, owns real estate, has received or is intended to receive an inheritance or a gift, earns more than their partner, has a higher net worth, has children from a previous relationship, has elderly parents that are financially supported by you, has accumulated or your partner has accumulated a large amount of pre-marital debt or seeks to leave assets to individuals other than your spouse, a prenup is right for the relationship.

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