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Why might business owners want to execute a prenuptial agreement?

When a couple in New York decides to marry, they do not often take an inventory of what each spouse will bring to the marriage financially. However, when a business is involved, it is important that a spouse takes the time to properly protect that business. This is often when a prenuptial agreement can really shine.

Why might one want to execute a prenup to protect their business? There are many reasons to include a prenuptial agreement in a marriage. When there is a business involved, there are three scenarios that may encourage a business owner to include a prenup in his or her marriage.

Trump Jr. and estranged wife move forward with divorce

When a wealthy couple's marriage gets rocky, they are faced with very similar issues and questions that any couple in this predicament would face. Either the couple will take steps to make the marriage work, or they will initiate the process to end the marriage. Although life isn't so black and white, those facing divorce often have many major decisions to make. For those with a great deal of assets to address, this can sometimes complicate the matter even further.

Based on current reports, Donald Trump Jr. and his estranged wife are moving forward and progressing with their high asset divorce. In fact, a New York judge recently congratulated the divorcing couple on their ability to resolve their custody disputes as they seek to work on other divorce issues.

Does divorce impact a child's religion?

Religion is important to you. It always has been. When you and your spouse got married, you knew religion was not as important to your spouse, but you figured things would work themselves out over time.

Now that you are getting divorced, though, you are starting to wonder about the potential impact on the kids. How could this split impact their religion? You always assumed the children would follow your example, but could that change?

Ways to secure a strong and valid prenuptial agreement

When you think about it, preparing to get married is has some similarities to preparing to get divorced. A lot of time and effort is put into both events, and in most cases, serious decisions must be made. Finally, finances control both, in the sense that finances control how lavish the marriage ceremony will be or finances control how issues pertaining to support and property will be awarded following a dissolution. Because the two events are major life events, it seems logical to take steps to make both matters better. Taking the time to understand the capabilities and benefits of a prenuptial agreement could be extremely beneficial for couples in New York.

There are many reasons why couples are apprehensive about including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage. For starters, it is an emotional conversation to have. No one wants to think about getting divorced before saying "I, do". Additionally, some couples are still under the impression that prenups are just for the wealthy. This misconception has been dwindling away over the past few years, as it has becoming clear that a prenuptial agreement can help any couple no matter what their financial status is or what they bring to the table.

Helping you protect yourself in domestic violence matters

Ending a marriage is a troubling life event on its own for couples in New York and elsewhere; however, ending a marriage because of abuse can be traumatic and impact a person for the rest of his or her life. This is a highly sensitive and delicate matter, as oftentimes it is not just a spouse that needs protection. When high conflict and domestic abuse enter a marriage or household, the victim spouse and the children involved can suffer greatly.

Dealing with domestic violence issues is often two-fold. To begin, a spouse wants the abuse to stop, taking steps to protect him or herself. This might entail obtaining a temporary restraining order while awaiting a more permanent solution. It also likely that the spouse wants to end their marriage, meaning they have to address the difficult and emotional decisions associated with divorce.

What is an order of protection?

We all need to feel safe. Unfortunately, some individuals in New York and elsewhere are harmed or feel threatened by a partner in a romantic relationship. Domestic abuse is a serious safety issue, and when a partner or spouse feels that his or her safety is at risk, it is important to take steps to ensure that safety is regained and one no longer has to fear harm or threats of harm. Filing for a protection order may be in the best interests of a person harmed by domestic abuse.

What is an order of protection? The court, as a means to limit the behavior of a person believed to have harmed or threatened another person, can issue a protective order. This order can specifically direct the offending person to not injure, threaten or harass the individual filing the order, his or her family and anyone else listed in the order.

Understanding grandparent visitation rights

Becoming a grandparent can be an exciting time in a person's life. Whether it is your first grandchild or fifth, you likely want to remain present in your grandchild's life. Unfortunately, events in life can strain a grandparent-grandchild relationship. Divorce can create distance between a parent and their in-laws. This could even result in major disputes arising. Such a situation could cause a grandparent to lose time with a grandchild, especially when a custodial parent believes that it is best for his or her child to no longer spend time with this grandparent.

Grandparent visitation rights are a fairly new area in family law of child custody disputes. In fact, these legal matters did not exist 40 years ago. The idea behind the laws that govern grandparent visitation rights is to allow non-parents the legal right to visit a child. New York and every other state have their own laws that govern this matter, setting guidelines for allowing visitation to be granted for grandparents.

Woman leaving religion risks losing her children

Parents in New York and other states just want what is best for their children. While this seems like an easy task to accomplish, it sometimes means taking huge risks and making major sacrifices. Going through a divorce is anything but pleasant; however, it can be necessary to provide the proper environment for a child. While this might be the end goal, certain factors can come into play when determining the best interests of a child.

This issue is displayed in a recent decision in New York. According to reports a New York woman that left the Hasidic Jewish community recently regained custody of her children. This custody situation brings light to the problems that could occur when the courts decide child custody matter in a religious community.

Can business travel end your marriage?

The first time you needed to travel for business, you felt nothing but excitement. You were young, you still had not seen much of the world, and you saw this as a way to get paid to go exploring. Sure, you had some work obligations, but you got a trip away from home that made it worth it.

However, as the years went by, you started to resent how much you had to travel. You'd moved up the corporate ladder and were now leading the company, so you knew how much it meant to the bottom line to have you go on trips. It kept your business healthy.

Domestic abuse laws in New York

While no relationship is perfect, there are some things that should not exist between a couple, one of which is violence. Domestic violence can look very different between on couple to the next; however, the underlying issue is that there is abuse towards a person. This abuse could be physical, emotional, mental, sexual and even financial. Those fallen victim to domestic violence in New York can take steps to protect themselves and their situation.

Spousal abuse laws in New York treat domestic violence crimes very seriously. Those accused of committing such acts could endure harsh penalties. Domestic violence can occur in a wide range of situations, varying from minor offenses, such as disorderly conduct, to serious criminal acts, such as assault or rape.

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