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How do temporary and final protective orders help with abuse?

Domestic violence and other forms of abuse are an unfortunate reality in many relationships in New York. People who are victims of abuse will often not know their alternatives to be protected from a spouse who is committing these acts. It can be difficult to finally take the necessary steps to be protected. However, there are options once the person decides to leave an abusive relationship and seek protection. Many do not know the difference between a temporary protective order and a final protective order. Understanding this is a vital part of being fully protected and getting what the abused person is entitled to.

Can there be an objection to COLA with New York child support?

For New York couples who are getting or have gotten a divorce and are dealing with child and spousal support issues, the concept of a cost of living adjustment is relatively straightforward. The amount that the paying former spouse and parent is ordered to pay can be changed based on how much it costs to live. However, people might make the mistake of thinking that there is no recourse when there is a request for a COLA. The law does allow for an objection to a COLA. For parents who are objecting and the parent who is seeking to receive COLA, it is imperative to understand the law in these circumstances.

Child custody and what goes into a judge's decision in New York

New York couples who share children and are ending their marriage will have significant concerns about child custody and the visitation rights. Of course, every situation is different and the details of the case will determine how custody and visitation are allocated. When starting a child custody case, parents are well-advised to have a grasp of what a judge will consider when deciding which parent will have custody. This is important for the child's well-being and is critical to the parents as they assess how to handle the case and its aftermath. Legal representation is imperative in these cases.

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