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August 2018 Archives

Child custody and stress levels of a child

No two families are the same so, as a result, life post-divorce or separation can look vastly different from family to family. For parents in New York and elsewhere, this is likely a challenging and emotional time. This is often why child custody disputes arise. However, when parents can work through the conflicts and focus just on the child or children, it is possible to develop the best working arrangement for their situation.

Understanding the different types of protective orders

No relationship is perfect, but no relationship should involve abuse. When a spouse is dealing with an incident or a cycle of domestic abuse, it is important to understand there are potential legal protections. It is possible to use protective orders to address the added harm caused by a high conflict divorce or a child custody battle. Ending a violent or abusive relationship can be a traumatic experience. However, there are tools available to spouses who are seeking added protection while they deal with the legal issues associated with the end of their relationship or marriage.

Why might business owners want to execute a prenuptial agreement?

When a couple in New York decides to marry, they do not often take an inventory of what each spouse will bring to the marriage financially. However, when a business is involved, it is important that a spouse takes the time to properly protect that business. This is often when a prenuptial agreement can really shine.

Trump Jr. and estranged wife move forward with divorce

When a wealthy couple's marriage gets rocky, they are faced with very similar issues and questions that any couple in this predicament would face. Either the couple will take steps to make the marriage work, or they will initiate the process to end the marriage. Although life isn't so black and white, those facing divorce often have many major decisions to make. For those with a great deal of assets to address, this can sometimes complicate the matter even further.

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