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Does my case meet the criteria for an uncontested divorce?

In New York, the concept of divorce elicits the image of a courtroom drama with the parties in an endless cycle of dispute over various issues. This often includes alimony, child support, property division, visitation rights and more. People who are in the middle of a complicated divorce will have a litany of concerns as the process moves forward. Having legal assistance when contemplating the end of a marriage is always advisable.

Will non-working spouses in New York receive spousal support?

So, you have been a stay-at-home parent or homemaker for much of your marriage. You relied on your spouse to make money, while you handled the myriad responsibilities of maintaining a household. Now, it seems as though your marriage is at an end, and you find yourself feeling rather frightened about your economic prospects.

An increasing number of older people are getting a divorce

In New York, it is not unusual for marriages to end in divorce. There are many reasons for this from incompatibility to infidelity to simply growing apart. Regardless of the reason, there can be many areas of difficulty when a couple is at the end of a marriage and plans to divorce.

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