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Help when religion is a factor in child custody cases

In a New York divorce, there will be many issues in dispute as the case moves forward. One that has the potential to create a long cycle of disagreements and contentious back and forth is if there is a dispute over the religion each parent wants the child to follow and how strictly it will be implemented in the child's life. This does not necessarily mean that the parents will be of different religions. Of course, that can be a factor. But it can also mean that the parents follow the same religion but one is more serious about it than the other. With this a concern in a child custody case, having legal advice is a must.

Can I receive a cost of living adjustment with child support?

In New York, when there is a divorce and a couple has ended its marriage, children from the marriage will still need to be supported. In general, there will be one parent who has custody and the other parent will receive visitation rights. Also, the noncustodial parent will frequently be ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. The amount, however, is not set in stone and it can be changed for various reasons.

When getting a divorce, be prepared for a property dispute

Property division is a basic part of most New York divorces. Whether the couple has significant assets or is of lesser means, there will be items that have value. That value could be financial, emotional or both. A dispute is often unavoidable and emotions can be frayed. As soon as the decision to end a marriage is made, it is imperative to take various factors into account with property division and assets. Doing so beforehand can help to alleviate stress and perhaps find common ground with the other party to negotiate. As always, getting legal help is essential from the start.

Can a driver license be suspended for past-due child support?

When a New York couple divorces, there are many legal issues that must be dealt with. Once the case is concluded and there are children from the relationship, it is likely that the noncustodial parent will be ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. This is not a penalty, but it is a requirement so the child will be adequately cared for and the custodial parent has the means to provide that care. However, there are situations in which the supporting parent does not make the payments in full or does not make them at all.

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