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Is a child support agreement modification possible in New York?

For New Yorkers who share a child and have gotten a divorce, it is common that one spouse will pay child support to the custodial parent for the child's care and upkeep. There are calculations that are generally used to determine how much it will be. However, circumstances can change and there might be the need on the part of either the paying former spouse or the receiving former spouse for an agreement modification. Understanding how and when such a child support modification can take place is key to it being done in a timely fashion.

Divorce frequently sparked by social media behaviors

There are many reasons why a New York marriage will end in divorce. In the past, there might have been financial problems, infidelity, abuse, or the simple matter of people growing apart. A relatively new phenomenon that is sparking many divorces is the increased use of social media. There are multiple reasons for marital problems to come about or escalate due to social media. People who are having problems in their marriage based on social media and other factors must protect themselves. After they have exhausted all alternatives to save the marriage, having legal help is critical.

What should I know about New York visitation rights?

For New York couples who have ended their marriage, child custody and visitation will be one of the most pressing issues they will face. To add to the concern is if there are others such as grandparents who also believe they should have visitation rights. Understanding how visitation is determined and what factors are important is imperative before the case. The first step to this is understanding how the law assesses these matters.

Child custody and a warrant to take physical custody in New York

When there is a child custody dispute in New York, nothing is more important than the child's safety. This is part of ensuring that the best interests of the child are adhered to. When there is a concern that the child is in danger, a parent can seek a warrant for physical custody. This is also possible if there is a risk of the child being removed from the state. When assessing whether this is necessary and possible, knowing the law is key.

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