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3 important divorce questions you need to ask

A high-asset divorce can feel very complicated and overwhelming. When your spouse files for divorce, it may come as a shock, and you just have to get your head around these impending changes. Then you have to think about child custody plans, employment, support, asset division, debt division, updating your estate plan and a whole lot more.

Key points about grandparents' rights to visitation in New York

In New York, when there is a visitation dispute, it generally focuses on the parents, who will have custody, and what the other parent's visitation schedule will be. In some cases, however, grandparents' rights come to the forefront. When grandparents want the legal right to see their grandchildren, there are certain factors that will be considered as part of the case. When moving forward in seeking those visitation rights, the grandparents should understand these factors and have legal help to meet their goals.

Child support and the maximum that can be withheld in New York

When there is a divorce in New York and there are children that need to be supported, the state will take steps to ensure that the child support is paid on time and in full. In some cases, there will be income withholding by the employer so it can be sent directly to the custodial parent. However, some noncustodial parents are concerned about how much of their income will be withheld. They might have other obligations or the amount could be problematic for them to make ends meet. Understanding how much maximum withholding can be is important. If there are divorce legal issues, it is crucial to have legal help in addressing them.

Critical factors regarding child support in a New York divorce

When a New York couple divorces, one of the key issues is often child support. Once the decision is made as to how much the supporting parent will pay and the custodial parent will receive, there might be certain preconceived notions about the entire process. There could be misunderstandings as to whether there can be post-divorce modifications, how spousal support and child support are connected, and how the new tax laws impact the paying and receiving party. For answers to these questions and to address them as needed, having legal advice is helpful.

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