We Have Answers To Your Questions About Spousal Maintenance

We are frequently asked questions about alimony, also known as spousal maintenance under New York law. There are a significant number of myths about how alimony is awarded and how long it will last.

At Advocate, LLP, our goal is always to get a fair resolution for our clients in every legal and financial matter in divorce. We answer your questions clearly, honestly and with an eye toward helping you reach your goals.

How An Experienced Spousal Support Attorney Can Help

New York family courts determine alimony based on a formula. Our lawyers can walk you through the guidelines so you understand what amount you may be asked to pay or are eligible to receive, if any at all.

We can also help you determine if alimony will be temporary during the divorce, involve a lump sum or will continue for a period of years post divorce.

What Is New York’s Alimony Formula?

There are two different guidelines: one if child support will be awarded, and another if not. If there are minor children involved, spousal maintenance is calculated first. Once alimony is determined, it will lower the income of the paying spouse when calculating child support.

Can Spousal Maintenance Deviate From The Guidelines?

Courts do have the ability to deviate from the guidelines and they do so very often. At Advocate, LLP we know law and the judges and are able to get you the best awards possible.

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