Protecting Financial Rights In Divorce

You’ve invested years in your marriage. During the time together with your spouse, you’ve built up your business, made savvy financial investments that have paid off and added a vacation home or two. You may be flying high monetarily, but your marriage is about to crash.

Affluent couples who may have spent years together, sometimes do see their marriages crumble. When they do, they need to find a trustworthy and reliable family law attorney. Advocate, LLP, in New York City, is a law firm of experienced litigators and negotiators who can thoroughly investigate any couple’s financial situation. Once the full financial picture is in place, our attorneys will work diligently to divide the assets fairly and proportionately.

Complex Marital And Business Assets

Many marital assets are not easily divided. When stock options, retirement accounts, pensions, business holdings, real estate and other assets are in play, properly valuating those assets requires an experienced attorney.

For 25 years, Advocate, LLP, has provided skilled legal guidance in asset valuation and division during a divorce. As a former commercial litigator, founder Jason A. Advocate has in-depth knowledge in business valuation.

If necessary, Advocate, LLP, will work with financial forensic investigators and business valuators to determine what is at stake in your divorce. Once that is established, the attorneys will rely on their skills as negotiators and experience as litigators to reach the most advantageous resolution for you.

An Experienced Law Firm, So Call Today

When significant assets are at stake in a divorce proceeding, a delay can be harmful. If you are separated from your spouse, it is important to take a financial inventory of your investments as soon as possible. Advocate, LLP, in New York City is prepared to help. Our law firm’s clients include business owners, entertainers, professional athletes, landlords and investors throughout the five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester County. Our team has decades of experience and a well-respected reputation among legal peers. For a consultation, contact the team online or call 212-776-1926.