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When I file for divorce, will support be paid immediately?

Divorce can be a contentious matter in New York. Emotions will be frazzled and people will have a variety of concerns as to what the future holds not just personally, but financially as well. One issue that comes up in nearly all cases is support. This can be spousal support, child support, or both. When the divorce is finalized, the support will be in the agreement and can only be changed if certain conditions are met. One question that is often asked, however, is how support will be handled in the immediate aftermath of the divorce filing. Knowing about a temporary order is one of the key divorce legal issues to navigate.

Real estate at the center of judge's ruling in high-asset divorce

A New York divorce is complicated enough without the details being openly debated in the media and by outsiders who are not fully informed, but this is the reality with a high-asset divorce. New York has many people who are of significant means but are not necessarily household names. Those who have major wealth and have decided to part ways will often engage in a dispute over various items from the marriage. Such is the case with property interests and disagreements as to whether valuable properties like real estate should be part of the divorce or belong to one of the spouses alone. When there is a high-asset divorce, legal advice is critical.

Property division and equitable distribution in New York

Assets are a frequent topic for dispute in a New York divorce, especially when it is a high-profile couple with significant assets. Those assets can include real estate, retirement plans, valuable artwork, motor vehicles and much more. When the couple decides to end the marriage, there will inevitably be disagreements as to how the property is allocated. The concept of equitable distribution is one of the most important issues for the parties to consider. Given the frequency with which these issues are misunderstood, having a grasp of them beforehand is key to a successful resolution of the case.

What if my former spouse does not pay child support as ordered?

When there is a divorce in New York and the couple has children, it is common for the custodial parent to receive child support payments from the noncustodial parent. It is important that these payments are made on time and in full. Unfortunately, many supporting parents do not keep up with their payments. This can leave the receiving parent unsure of how to proceed to get those payments. This is where the Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU) can be of help. Because a dispute over child support can be so contentious, it is always wise to have legal assistance from an experienced lawyer.

How can prenuptial agreements affect a divorce in New York?

When there are concerns about a business, significant assets or one prospective spouse being substantially wealthier than the other, it is not unusual for couples in New York to enter into prenuptial agreements before they get married. If the marriage comes to an end, these agreements are prone to dispute. Either side can complain about the contents of a prenuptial agreement and even call the entire document into question. For people who have a prenuptial agreement and are getting a divorce, there are important legal facts that should be understood.

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