Divorce frequently sparked by social media behaviors

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Divorce |

There are many reasons why a New York marriage will end in divorce. In the past, there might have been financial problems, infidelity, abuse, or the simple matter of people growing apart. A relatively new phenomenon that is sparking many divorces is the increased use of social media. There are multiple reasons for marital problems to come about or escalate due to social media. People who are having problems in their marriage based on social media and other factors must protect themselves. After they have exhausted all alternatives to save the marriage, having legal help is critical.

Although many such outlets have only been in existence for a relatively short period of time with people using them in the past decade, it is growing substantially. The social media activities that spur marital problems range from people becoming involved in online relationships that might or might not turn physical, financial missteps, and obsessive behaviors that impact their everyday life. More and more people cite social media behaviors as a source of dispute. It arises in the context of divorce legal issues with a burgeoning frequency.

The comparative aspect of social media – whether the stories of other people are true or not – can cause those who are already in a difficult marriage to think about what options they have and either act on them in the online world or by physically engaging with others after meeting them on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. This adds a toxic ingredient to their current situation. Personal struggles can increase when there are already concerns in a marriage. Of course, concerns would be better addressed prior to the marriage, but that is not always possible.

Regardless of why the divorce legal issues manifested, everyone who is thinking about a divorce or has already decided to end the marriage must make certain they have legal help. Spousal and child support, child custody, property division and more will inevitably arise as the process moves forward. A law firm that has experience in all types of cases can help with the divorce process and in seeking an agreeable resolution.