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On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2017 | Child Custody |

Even when their parents are mindful of their needs and work to minimize the stresses that may fall upon them, children of divorce can have difficult lives at first. New York parents who have ended their marriages in divorce understand that it is difficult to protect children from the strains of ending a marriage. Not only must children learn to live without both of their parents living under a single roof but they may also have to adjust to a child custody schedule that throws off their normal routines.

In New York and jurisdictions throughout the country courts seek to preserve the best interests of the children who will be subject to their child custody orders. Determining a child’s best interests is subjective, and readers of this post should understand that while one child may thrive in a particular physical custody situation another may suffer under the same custodial structure.

As it is up to courts to weigh the many factors that can come into play when the physical and legal custody of children are under consideration it is important that the kids’ parents take an active role in advocating for their kids’ needs. Specifically, parents whose children are subject to legally enforceable child custody orders and agreements must understand how their rights to their children may be impacted when courts determine where their kids will live and with whom the responsibility of making parental decisions will reside.

Advocate LLP, a New York family law firm, works with parents who wish to prioritize their children’s needs even as they work to end their own marriages. Parents know their children better than anyone else and stand in a strong position to advocate for their children’s best interests when it is time for decisions to be made regarding their care. To learn more about the firm, readers may visit Advocate LLP online through its page on child custody on its website.