Domestic abuse laws in New York

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While no relationship is perfect, there are some things that should not exist between a couple, one of which is violence. Domestic violence can look very different between on couple to the next; however, the underlying issue is that there is abuse towards a person. This abuse could be physical, emotional, mental, sexual and even financial. Those fallen victim to domestic violence in New York can take steps to protect themselves and their situation.

Spousal abuse laws in New York treat domestic violence crimes very seriously. Those accused of committing such acts could endure harsh penalties. Domestic violence can occur in a wide range of situations, varying from minor offenses, such as disorderly conduct, to serious criminal acts, such as assault or rape.

A common charge in this area of law is harassment. This is when an individual engages in a pattern behavior towards another that is considered to be bothersome or even threatening. An example of this is following an individual or acting in a manner that places that individual in fear. It could be elevated to aggravated harassment of this behavior is accomplished through written or electronic means.

Domestic violence can also be sexual in nature. Even though a couple is either married or romantically involved, consent is still necessary. Thus, sex crimes could be committed against a spouse or a romantic partner in the form of sexual abuse, sexual assault or sexual misconduct.

Being involved in a domestic abuse situation is not easy. Some fear speaking out or taking action. However, it is possible to protect yourself and your rights by asserting your legal rights. This not only ensures you are safe but could also help protect your children if any are involved.