The predisposition of divorce

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With the divorce rate around fifty percent, it is likely that one knows more than one person that has gone through the divorce process. In some cases, individuals that were children of divorce also had divorced grandparents and saw marriages end all around them. This has led some to question whether a person is more likely to divorce based on their family’s history of divorce.

Can a person be predisposed to divorce? This is not an uncommon question t ask and many researchers have focused on this topic. A recent study has focused on the idea that divorce being more related to nature than nurture. In other words, it suggests that divorce might have something to do with genetics.

This study took a sample of roughly 20,000 adults that were adopted. It was found that these adopted adults were more likely to resemble their biological parents than their adoptive parents when it came to their histories of divorce. Because we believe that we learn and grow from our parents, one would assume that relationships and their behaviors in them is passed on through parental nurturing.

However, researchers have uncovered scientific evidence linking divorce to their genetics. It was found that personality factors, such as neuroticism and impulsiveness, are connected to genetics. And these genetic factors can make it harder to stay in a relationship.

Regardless on predisposition, divorce is not glamorous or enjoyable. Ending a marriage presents many challenges and causes a multitude of emotions. Thus, spouses going through the divorce process need to understand what divorce issues must be tackled and how best to tackle them. Obtain legal guidance not only helps with the divorce process but also ensures your rights are also protected.

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