Protecting your financial rights in a high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2018 | High-Asset Divorce |

We do not realize how important some things are until we are in a certain situation. Consider divorce for example. Some people in New York would not think about protecting their assets, assessing their finances or even losing the things they worked hard to obtain. However, marriage and divorce bring about these thoughts. For these reasons, some couples decide to include a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in their union. While a couple or spouse does not need to be wealthy to utilize these documents, it is a common and very useful document to have when going through a high-asset divorce.

Whether it happens over a course of years or suddenly one day, people are often not prepared to deal with everything that can come their way during the divorce process. It can get emotional, overwhelming, confusing, hostile and lengthy. Because a spouse wants to get through the process with their rights intact, it is important to understand how best to navigate the process. At Advocate, LLP, our legal team has experience handling high-asset dissolutions, and we are dedicated to helping individuals in the Manhattan area protect their financial rights during the divorce process.

In order to complete the property division process, one must have the marital assets valued. However, it first must be determined what assets and property are labeled as marital. It can become confusing, as some personal property may cross the line into marital property territory. Therefore, property should first be accessed. If a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is included in the marriage, this should be validated and applied. Our law firm has years of experience handling these matters, helping our clients leave the negotiation table or courtroom with their financial rights intact.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s high-asset divorce website. Divorce often means having many items up at the chopping block. In a high-asset divorce, this could mean splitting complex and high value items. This can present many challenges, especially if the divorcing spouses do not agree on the way property is being divided. In these matters, it can be beneficial to gain assistance to ensure your rights and interests are protected.