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Hidden assets can impact asset division in New York divorces

One of the most contentious issues in many divorces is how assets and debt acquired during the marriage are split between spouses. Unless there is a prenuptial agreement on record, you have two basic approaches to asset division. One involves a non-contested divorce, where you and your spouse agree to specific terms for asset division prior to filing with the courts. The other involves asking the courts to handle the asset division process for you.

Understanding how NY courts divide retirement accounts in divorce

Planning for retirement is, in many ways, a guessing game. You save a portion of your income to offset future expenses. You have no way of knowing how inflation will impact the buying power of your retirement funds or what expenses could increase substantially in the future. Still, you estimate your needs based on your current income and standard of living and try to plan ahead for your later years.

Issues surrounding co-parenting and religious differences

Divorce in New York City is certainly different in many ways from divorce in other parts of the country. Our city provides a way of life that many who live in less metropolitan areas never have to consider. Of course, for as many advantages as the city has to offer, there are also many additional concerns.

Co-parenting with religious differences

You are free to make your own religious choices and determine what is best for your children. In fact, the First Amendment protects your right to raise your children under the religion of your choice. Unfortunately that can become difficult when co-parenting with someone of another faith. You may disagree with how your ex wants to raise the kids or they may dispute your choices.

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