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Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump, Jr.

No matter the length of a marriage, ending the union is difficult event. The divorce process is further complicated when those involved in it are in the public eye. Having the details of one's divorce reported about and scrutinized can add extra challenges. However, when it comes to the basics, every couple that goes through divorce must address property division, child custody, if children are involved and possibly support payments for either a spouse, the children or both.

Bill Hader and ex reach divorce settlement

Whether a couple is in the public eye or not, marital issues can exist. However, being in the public eye could present additional problems, as the media might portray the relationship in a wrong light. When celebrity couples divorce, the public is usually seeking for juicy details; however, these individuals are just like anyone dealing with a broken relationship. The couple must complete the divorce process, sorting through any divorce issue on the table.

Why should all couples consider a prenup before getting married?

Wealthy or not, couples face many financial ups and downs. Even if they have lived comfortably and never had concerns about their assets and property, it is important to consider these items when getting married. Prenuptial agreements were traditionally for those with many assets that needed protecting. However, today the situation is much more different. Any couple can benefit from a prenup, making it a vital and valuable document to include in a marriage.

What is supervised visitation?

When New York parents end their relationship, it can be difficult for them to work out a parenting schedule. Both parents will need to follow this plan in order to ensure that each parent will be able to spend sufficient time with their kids. If they cannot come up with a workable custodial schedule and parenting plan on their own, the former partners may need to take their legal matter to court to have a judge decide when each parent will be able to be with their child. Parents may end up sharing physical custody of their child or one parent may be granted sole physical custody of them. If one parent ends up with sole physical custody, then the other parent may be granted visitation with their children

What is an uncontested divorce?

It may seem strange that some New York divorces are granted the designation of uncontested. This is because when most people think about divorce, they imagine conflict, hostility and strife. These sentiments generally do not lend themselves to calm or accepted events, and since divorces are based on the collapse of very personal relationships, it may be hard to imagine how those going through the process could be without conflict.

When might a person need a prenuptial agreement?

Amidst the important decisions that New York couples must make when preparing to marry is the not-so-romantic choice of whether the partners should draft a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement, also called a prenup, is a contract that stipulates what property is under the separate ownership of the soon-to-be married partners, how their shared property should be divided if they divorce and other financial issues that could complicate their separation if their marriage does not last.

Residency requirements for a New York divorce

When a person in New York decides to initiate a lawsuit, it is important that they choose the proper jurisdiction in which to file their matter. For example, if the person is suing a company that they have contracted with, their agreement may dictate where any lawsuits must be filed. If a person has a dispute with their neighbor they will generally file their lawsuit in the community where the individuals live.

Can psychology predict the likelihood of a couple's divorce?

When it comes to relationships there is no magical crystal ball that individuals in New York may look into to see if they are destined for happiness or for bitter ends. However, an American psychology professor has reviewed significant research on divorce and has suggested that the presence of certain factors in a person's life may make it more likely to predict that their marriages will end in divorce. New Yorkers who read this blog are encouraged to review the contents of this post, though as every divorce is personal its contents do not imply that any one person may be in a doomed marriage.

Anti-vaccination beliefs vs. a child's best interests

When planning for divorce, many people expect their interactions with their ex-spouse to become easier. Once you no longer cohabitate, the differences will be minimized. While divorce can reduce that stress on a personal level, parents still need to work together for the best interests of their children. Sometimes determining what, exactly, best interests means is a challenge.

Money matters can complicate post-divorce life

When a New Yorker makes the difficult decision to end their marriage, they may prioritize getting to the end of their legal proceedings above all other considerations. However, there are a number of important issues individuals should address before and during their divorce proceedings that can help smooth out the financial transition they will inevitably have to make when their legal relationships are terminated.

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