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Child custody and what goes into a judge's decision in New York

New York couples who share children and are ending their marriage will have significant concerns about child custody and the visitation rights. Of course, every situation is different and the details of the case will determine how custody and visitation are allocated. When starting a child custody case, parents are well-advised to have a grasp of what a judge will consider when deciding which parent will have custody. This is important for the child's well-being and is critical to the parents as they assess how to handle the case and its aftermath. Legal representation is imperative in these cases.

Key points about grandparents' rights to visitation in New York

In New York, when there is a visitation dispute, it generally focuses on the parents, who will have custody, and what the other parent's visitation schedule will be. In some cases, however, grandparents' rights come to the forefront. When grandparents want the legal right to see their grandchildren, there are certain factors that will be considered as part of the case. When moving forward in seeking those visitation rights, the grandparents should understand these factors and have legal help to meet their goals.

Help when religion is a factor in child custody cases

In a New York divorce, there will be many issues in dispute as the case moves forward. One that has the potential to create a long cycle of disagreements and contentious back and forth is if there is a dispute over the religion each parent wants the child to follow and how strictly it will be implemented in the child's life. This does not necessarily mean that the parents will be of different religions. Of course, that can be a factor. But it can also mean that the parents follow the same religion but one is more serious about it than the other. With this a concern in a child custody case, having legal advice is a must.

Acknowledgment of Paternity, child custody and visitation

A child custody and visitation rights dispute does not necessarily involve people who were married and have gotten a divorce. People who have a child out of wedlock can still face these concerns and need help in handling them. The Acknowledgment of Paternity is an important factor in addressing these complex cases. Knowing about the importance of the Acknowledgment of Paternity and having legal assistance to represent the interests of the mother or possible father is critical.

Child custody and visitation and extraordinary circumstances

In New York State, child custody and visitation can be a complicated matter that has a seemingly endless number of variables. As always, the best interests of the child are paramount. In some instances, there will be people who want to have custody of the child in addition to the parents. This can be a difficult to navigate situation, but the law addresses it by assessing what is known as "extraordinary circumstances."

What should I know about New York visitation rights?

For New York couples who have ended their marriage, child custody and visitation will be one of the most pressing issues they will face. To add to the concern is if there are others such as grandparents who also believe they should have visitation rights. Understanding how visitation is determined and what factors are important is imperative before the case. The first step to this is understanding how the law assesses these matters.

Child custody and a warrant to take physical custody in New York

When there is a child custody dispute in New York, nothing is more important than the child's safety. This is part of ensuring that the best interests of the child are adhered to. When there is a concern that the child is in danger, a parent can seek a warrant for physical custody. This is also possible if there is a risk of the child being removed from the state. When assessing whether this is necessary and possible, knowing the law is key.

What are the different types of child custody in New York?

One of the most contentious issues when a couple in New York ends a relationship is who will have custody of the children. Before anything else it is critical to know the basics of child custody and that includes the two different possibilities. There are two areas of custody that should be understood: legal custody and physical custody. When trying to determine where the child will live and what the agreement will say, knowing the difference between the two is crucial.

How do best interests of the child affect custody and visitation?

When parents in New York have decided to part ways as a couple, there are frequently concerns as to how child custody and visitation rights will be allocated. While many factors go into the decision, one of the most important will be the "best interests of the child." This is a key consideration and the factors that enter into it should be understood as the case moves forward.

Child custody and stress levels of a child

No two families are the same so, as a result, life post-divorce or separation can look vastly different from family to family. For parents in New York and elsewhere, this is likely a challenging and emotional time. This is often why child custody disputes arise. However, when parents can work through the conflicts and focus just on the child or children, it is possible to develop the best working arrangement for their situation.

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