Divorce of former mayor and wife grows contentious

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | High-Asset Divorce |

There are unique challenges in every New York divorce. When it is a high-profile couple and a high asset divorce, it is even more difficult to navigate as the case is frequently played out in the public eye. Both sides could face endless dispute about property, assets, bank accounts and more. When there is an ongoing divorce and it is growing increasingly complex and contentious, it is crucial that there be experienced legal assistance to help with the case.

The former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, is in the middle of a divorce with his third wife, Judith Nathan Giuliani. The case has grown so rife with disagreement that the judge is becoming flustered at its difficulty. Currently, the couple is battling over various factors including how they will determine who uses their Long Island residence in the summer. The judge openly asked why the fight over the residence is in his court.

Nathan’s legal representation broached the subject of a time-sharing plan so neighbors are aware of when Giuliani will be there, as he has a security detail that can be disruptive. There is also a back and forth over a new woman in Giuliani’s life whose name was mentioned in court. Giuliani objected to her name being used. Giuliani is accused of not paying a nursing home bill for his wife’s mother. Nathan did not produce the entirety of her jewelry collection as she was supposed to. A bank account was said to have been concealed, among other issues.

Not all divorces reach this level of public vitriol, but when there are significant assets involved and a high-profile couple, the case can reach major discord. When the decision to divorce is made, having legal assistance is a foundational requirement to protect one’s interests and get all the property and assets the person is entitled to. A law firm that represents high-profile clients in high asset divorces can help with property division and other matters in a wealthy couple’s divorce.