Actor and wife plan to divorce amid potential custody dispute

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There are many prominent, wealthy and famous people in New York and when there is as high-profile couple, it is likely there will occasionally be a newsworthy divorce. While most people cannot relate to those who have massive assets and are known everywhere they go, there are certain common denominators in every divorce that make keeping an eye on these proceedings useful. For those who might not be famous, but are wealthy themselves, it is even more important to keep track of these divorces in case their own marriage comes undone. Having legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in a wide variety of divorce cases is always beneficial.

The Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower are divorcing after two decades of marriage. While the divorce is known to the public, it was quietly reported that the couple is preparing for a custody dispute over their 7-year-old daughter. The child was conceived using a surrogate. Mr. De Niro filed for divorce in mid-December. The case was kept under wraps by it being filed anonymously. This is a rarely allowed strategy by the state and it is done to shield children from the scrutiny of a divorce.

The 75-year-old actor and his 63-year-old philanthropist wife both wanted the filing to be kept secret. Mr. De Niro requested visitation with the child. The couple is set to head to court regarding custody. The couple had split once before not long after they were married. Back then, they were in dispute over custody of the son they share. He is now 20. They decided not to move forward with the proceeding and reconciled. However, now they are said to be firmly committed to part ways and their daughter is the subject of a custody battle.

When a well-known couple prepares to divorce, there will be many issues to navigate. Properties, businesses, assets and more are inevitably part of the process. When there is a young child, it makes the situation more complicated and difficult to contain. Most parties will want to avoid a rancorous parting of the ways and keep their children out of the spotlight. With a high-profile couple, that is hard. However, when there is a divorce of this magnitude, there are strategies to make the property division, child custody and completion of the case as smooth as possible. For those in this unique circumstance, calling for help is the first step.