Upstate New York Mayor faces domestic abuse allegations

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

In New York City and across the State, domestic incidents are common. It is unfortunate that people who are involved in a relationship will get into a dispute that turns physical, but it happens quite often. These incidents can happen to anyone. When a person is confronted with domestic abuse, they might not be aware that there are legal methods to deal with the situation. Having legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in helping those with a domestic violence complaint can be useful to end the abuse.

According to a recent report, the mayor of an upstate New York town is facing allegations that he has been abusive toward his estranged wife. Shawn Morse is the Mayor of Cochoes and has been separated from his wife because of domestic abuse complaints. State Police have been investigating it amid calls for his resignation from his elected position by other prominent political figures. Morse and his wife met at a restaurant recently to talk about their separation agreements when they reportedly began to argue. According to her, it became physical and he spit at her. She called local law enforcement and statements were taken. Charges have yet to be filed. Morse has denied the allegations.

When a relationship is pockmarked by domestic incidents and claims of abuse, the abused person is often under the impression that there is nowhere to turn for help. This is especially true if the alleged abuser is a person of prominence or is well-regarded in the community. There are, however, things that the person can do, such as getting a protective order or a restraining order and contacting law enforcement so there will be an investigation. Although it might seem to be a worrisome step to take given the potential ramifications at home, it is often the only way to put an end to the treatment.

For those who are dealing with domestic abuse, a law firm that is skilled and experienced in navigating the New York legal system can be of assistance. Before anything can be done, contacting law enforcement and an attorney is critical to getting a protective order and putting the domestic violence complaint on record. Those who are being mistreated should not be frightened of seeking help.