Ways to secure a strong and valid prenuptial agreement

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When you think about it, preparing to get married is has some similarities to preparing to get divorced. A lot of time and effort is put into both events, and in most cases, serious decisions must be made. Finally, finances control both, in the sense that finances control how lavish the marriage ceremony will be or finances control how issues pertaining to support and property will be awarded following a dissolution. Because the two events are major life events, it seems logical to take steps to make both matters better. Taking the time to understand the capabilities and benefits of a prenuptial agreement could be extremely beneficial for couples in New York.

There are many reasons why couples are apprehensive about including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage. For starters, it is an emotional conversation to have. No one wants to think about getting divorced before saying “I, do”. Additionally, some couples are still under the impression that prenups are just for the wealthy. This misconception has been dwindling away over the past few years, as it has becoming clear that a prenuptial agreement can help any couple no matter what their financial status is or what they bring to the table.

In order to secure a strong and valid prenup, it is important to take certain steps and consider various factors. To begin, it is important to initiate the drafting process right away. Asking a spouse to sign a prenup just a few weeks before the wedding is not enough time to carefully consider the contents of the document.

It is vital that both spouses are honest when drafting a prenup. This means being honest about property, the value of property, debt and what you would like to include in the marital legal document. Finally, it is important to remember the basic elements of the prenup. Such a document is used to govern how assets are divided, helping to ease the divorce process if it occurs down the line.

Including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage is a big deal, so spouses are rightful to be nervous about drafting one. Whether you seek to include this document in your marriage or are seeking to enforce or invalidate a prenup during the divorce process, it is important to understand the details of this divorce legal matter and what options you might have.