Helping you protect yourself in domestic violence matters

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Ending a marriage is a troubling life event on its own for couples in New York and elsewhere; however, ending a marriage because of abuse can be traumatic and impact a person for the rest of his or her life. This is a highly sensitive and delicate matter, as oftentimes it is not just a spouse that needs protection. When high conflict and domestic abuse enter a marriage or household, the victim spouse and the children involved can suffer greatly.

Dealing with domestic violence issues is often two-fold. To begin, a spouse wants the abuse to stop, taking steps to protect him or herself. This might entail obtaining a temporary restraining order while awaiting a more permanent solution. It also likely that the spouse wants to end their marriage, meaning they have to address the difficult and emotional decisions associated with divorce.

At Advocate, LLP, our skilled attorneys are very sensitive to these emotional matters. We have decades of legal experience dealing with domestic violence matters. Thus, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate for this tremendously emotional process. We can help you take steps to better protect yourself and your future. In addition to assisting with restraining orders, we can help you address your needs and goals when it comes to making custody and visitation arrangements with any children involved.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s domestic violence website. Although a domestic violence situation is a difficult one to be in, you shouldn’t feel hopeless. Obtaining legal guidance can help you better understand your situation and how to best protect yourself and your future.