Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump, Jr.

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No matter the length of a marriage, ending the union is difficult event. The divorce process is further complicated when those involved in it are in the public eye. Having the details of one’s divorce reported about and scrutinized can add extra challenges. However, when it comes to the basics, every couple that goes through divorce must address property division, child custody, if children are involved and possibly support payments for either a spouse, the children or both.

According to recent reports, Vanessa Trump has filed for divorce from Donald Trump, Jr., in New York. Reports indicate that the divorce is not contested. The two married in 2005, and during their 13-year marriage, the couple had five children together.

The news of their divorce filing happened shortly after a scare experienced by Vanessa Trump. Reports indicated that she had a scare after opening an envelope addressed to Donald Trump, Jr. The envelope contained a mysterious white powder that was later determined to not be hazardous. While it is not clear whether this played a role in the divorce filing, it was an event that impacted her.

Currently, the couple is not disputing any divorce issue at this time. This means that they are not fighting over custody or the assets involved in the marriage. It is not clear if the couple has a prenuptial agreement. But, such a document would help spell out the details of their dissolution.

No divorce is easy. Even when a couple sees eye-to-eye and is not contesting the divorce, this does not mean they will not face issues or disputes down the line. Therefore, spouses should take the time to understand the divorce process, what their end goals are and what rights are afforded to them throughout and after the process.

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