What is supervised visitation?

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When New York parents end their relationship, it can be difficult for them to work out a parenting schedule. Both parents will need to follow this plan in order to ensure that each parent will be able to spend sufficient time with their kids. If they cannot come up with a workable custodial schedule and parenting plan on their own, the former partners may need to take their legal matter to court to have a judge decide when each parent will be able to be with their child. Parents may end up sharing physical custody of their child or one parent may be granted sole physical custody of them. If one parent ends up with sole physical custody, then the other parent may be granted visitation with their children

Visitation time is often set up as a recurring commitment between parent and child on a weekly basis. The parent may have the right to pick up the child at a set location and at a certain time with the return time predetermined. They may also have to abide by supervision requirements if the court imposes them on their visitation rights.

If a parent has supervised visitation with their child, then another adult must be present when the parent is with their child or children. In other words, the parent cannot be alone with their child. In situations where domestic violence or child abuse is suspected or present, a court may require that a parent’s visitation time is supervised to protect the child or children, serving their best interests.

A parent subject to a visitation schedule and custody order may wish to seek modifications to it if they do not believe that the arrangements are in their kids’ best interests. In order to seek modifications to a visitation plan or custody arrangement, a parent may want to reach out to their family law or divorce lawyer for guidance. This not only helps resolve any family law issue present, but ensures the rights of the parent are protected.