Television star arrested on domestic violence claims

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As many married New Yorkers can attest, living with someone and sharing one’s life with a partner can be both beautiful and challenging. While it is wonderful to have a committed relationship on which the partners may build trust and love, it can be difficult to adapt to the many changes one must accept in order to successfully live in a marriage. Not all marriages last, as readers of this family law blog may know, and an unfortunate number of couples experience extreme emotions that can sometimes turn into more serious actions.

As previously discussed on this blog, domestic violence is a form of abuse that happens between individuals who are or who were once in relationships. While in many cases it seems that men are more prone to be aggressors in domestic violence situations, women can and are domestic violence abusers as well. Recently a popular television actress was arrested for allegedly committing domestic battery upon her estranged husband.

Naya Rivera, an actress who starred on the popular show “Glee,” was arrested after police received a complaint by her husband that she had hit him on his head and face. After noting injuries on the husband’s body Rivera was arrested and taken into custody. She was able to make bond and was released from jail.

It is unclear if Rivera’s alleged attack on her husband was part of a pattern of violence or an isolated event. In either case it is important for readers to understand that abuse, whether physical, verbal or mental, inflicted by a partner is not part of a normal relationship. Victims of domestic violence and partner abuse are encouraged to seek legal help to begin the process of ending their torment.

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