What forms of relief may an order for protection provide?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

Orders for protection are issued by New York courts for the protection of victims of domestic violence. Because domestic violence may take on many different forms, orders for protection are not limited to simple restrictions on the aggressors’ behaviors. A variety of different actions may be prevented and prohibited for a domestic violence abuser per the terms of a valid order for protection.

For example, an order for protection may require an aggressor to keep a certain distance between themselves and their victim. The aggressor may also have to leave the family home and establish a residence somewhere else.

Orders for protection may also force domestic violence aggressors to follow the terms of their valid family law orders. An order for protection may mandate that a person stay current on their child support order or that they respect the parameters of their custody or visitation time with their children. Individuals who are struggling with domestic violence following their separation or divorce from their abusive ex-partner should discuss their challenges with family law attorneys.

Finally, orders for protection may prohibit domestic violence abusers from owning certain types of personal property, such as firearms. They may be limited in what they may legally have in order to protect the victims of their abuse from both ongoing physical and mental harm.

Securing an order for protection can be an important step toward ending a cycle of domestic violence in a New Yorker’s life. To begin the process, readers can seek the support of family law lawyers who work in their areas.