Attorneys can help with your contentious child custody battles

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An order promulgated by a New York court is basically a set of instructions that the parties covered by its terms must follow in order to remain in compliance with certain responsibilities. Many types of litigation may result in courts creating orders that stipulate the future conduct of the parties to the cases, and orders are a common part of family law proceedings.

One type of judicial order that divorcing parents may find themselves subject to as they bring their marriage to their end are child custody orders. A child custody order spells out what rights the parents retain with regard to their shared children and may determine with whom the child will reside after the parents’ divorce is finalized. In New York parents can share physical and legal custody of their kids, or one parent may receive sole custody of the children while the other is allowed some form of visitation time.

Unfortunately, sometimes cases arise where parents battle over the custodial management of their kids. A parent may return a child late from a schedule period of visitation or may not pick up a child for their overnight visits. Alternatively, sometimes a parent might refuse to allow his or her ex to exercise his or her custody or visitation rights. When a parent refuses to abide by the child custody order, it may be necessary to go to court to remedy the matter.

The attorneys of Advocate, LLP, are available to work through difficult child custody matters with their clients. They aim to ensure that their client’s rights are protected in a way that de-escalates conflict. Their webpage may help those who are wondering how an attorney might be able to help them with their child custody issues.