Athlete waived from team due to domestic violence claim

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As previously discussed on this New York family law blog, domestic violence is a serious problem that does not limit itself to only affecting individuals of certain social, economic or ethnic backgrounds. It is an issue for communities all throughout the nation, and despite its pervasiveness it can feel incredibly isolating as victims often suffer alone. However, stories of domestic violence often hit the national news when famous individuals are involved in the claims.

Most recently a player for the New York Giants was accused of committing domestic violence against his girlfriend. Michael Bowie, an offensive lineman for the team, allegedly took ahold of his girlfriend around her neck and threw her down to the ground during their dispute. He has been waived from the Giants and turned himself into authorities to face the claims made against him.

The fight between Bowie and his girlfriend that led to the domestic violence assault allegedly began over money. Money is one of the many issues that can trigger violence between individuals of a romantic relationship or between people who live in the same household. Triggers to violence can vary from person to person but regardless of how a domestic violence incident begins victims have options for making them stop.

Protective orders and restraining orders can help keep aggressors away from their victims and allow victims to explore their legal rights and options to making their domestic violence assaults stop for good. With the help of family law attorneys many victims of domestic violence are able to break their patterns of abuse and move their lives forward out of the paths of the individuals who seek them out to inflict harm.

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