Properly Dividing Marital Property; Getting What You Deserve

In divorce cases, many things in couples’ lives come under scrutiny. And that includes assets and finances. Marital assets are the ones accumulated during the marriage. They may consist of homes, vacation properties, motor vehicles, investments and retirement accounts. It’s marital assets that are subject to equitable distribution during a divorce proceeding.

You want to make sure that you retain your fair share of the assets the two of you acquired during the marriage. You will need a seasoned and skilled family law and divorce attorney who comes to the table prepared to negotiate, but always ready to litigate. In Advocate, LLP, in New York City, you get a problem-solver who will fight for you.

Marital Assets Subject To Distribution

Nonmarital assets — those tallied individually and before the marriage — are not subject to equitable distribution. However, every single asset accumulated during your marriage is targeted for proportionate distribution between the soon-to-be former-spouses. They may include:

  • Homes, residences, condominiums, vacation properties and investment properties
  • Retirement assets from IRAs, 401(k)s and related accounts
  • Stock, bond and mutual fund investments purchased during the marriage
  • Co-owned or family-owned businesses that may have seen the market value increase
  • Motor vehicles
  • Personal property such as jewelry, artwork and collectibles

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