Protecting Financial Rights In Divorce Through Innovative Solutions

Divorce is as much a legal and financial matter as an emotional one, particularly when the marital assets are significant.

At Advocate, LLP, our divorce lawyers are experienced litigators and negotiators who are able to fully investigate a couple's financial situation. Once you have the full financial picture, we will work diligently to divide up assets and arrive at an alimony amount that is fair, if appropriate.

Experienced In Dividing Complex Marital And Business Assets

Many marital assets are not easily divisible. When stock options, retirement accounts, pensions, business holdings, real estate and other assets are in play, properly valuating and dividing those assets requires the help of an experienced attorney.

For over 20 years, Jason Advocate has been providing skilled legal guidance to clients regarding asset valuation and division in divorce. A former commercial litigator, he is deeply knowledgeable about business valuation. If necessary, we work with financial forensic investigators, business valuators and others to determine just what is at stake in your divorce.

Once we establish what is at stake, we will put our significant litigation experience to work for you in reaching a the most advantageous resolution.

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When significant assets are at stake, delay can be harmful. It is important to begin compiling financial information as soon as possible. Call the high-asset divorce lawyers at Advocate, LLP, today to schedule your initial, confidential consultation at 212-776-1926. You can also reach us through email and we will respond promptly.

From our office in New York City, we represent clients throughout the five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island.