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Athlete waived from team due to domestic violence claim

As previously discussed on this New York family law blog, domestic violence is a serious problem that does not limit itself to only affecting individuals of certain social, economic or ethnic backgrounds. It is an issue for communities all throughout the nation, and despite its pervasiveness it can feel incredibly isolating as victims often suffer alone. However, stories of domestic violence often hit the national news when famous individuals are involved in the claims.

Rights of victims of domestic abuse

The image that a New York family shows to the world may be very different than the reality of the family's everyday life. While many families operate with love and disagreements, never allowing either to cause extreme or dangerous behavior between the members, others are plagued by a very real and very damaging problem: domestic violence. Members of a family may conceal their abuse from others and carry the burden of violence alone, without the support of those they may trust.

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