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Providing protection in domestic violence matters

We expect to get a long with our loved ones, especially those we are married to. While no relationship is perfect, one can expect to not have a certain level or negativity and violence in their relationship. Unfortunately, some spouses experience serious harm, involving abuse of different types and magnitudes.

Domestic violence and protecting our client's rights

Fights happen in relationships. It is fairly common for couples in New York and elsewhere to not get along at times. However, these disputes are likely minor and resolvable. Unfortunately, some fights can get out of hand. Spouses might feel emotionally, mentally and physically abused. This can be considered an unsafe situation for not only the victimized spouse, but also children if the couple has any.

Domestic violence and victim rights

Married or unmarried, no relationship is perfect. While relationships experience ups and downs that can be completely normal, this does not mean that it is normal for a spouse or a partner to experience abuse in the relationship. Domestic violence can be a very serious situation, coming in a wide variety of forms. Thus, some individuals in New York and elsewhere may not realize that he or she is a victim of domestic violence right away. No matter the situation, those caught in a situation that could be domestic violence should understand their rights and options.

Seeking protection from domestic violence

Family members don't get along from time to time. While these could be categorized as silly fights, others can be very dramatic and serious. Even when family members are able to keep their emotions and temper in check, a certain dispute could erupt into a full-blown fight that turns aggressive. Domestic violence can be a very serious situation for families in New York and elsewhere. These events could tear families apart, even causing some to seek added protection from future occurrences.

Children and New York's domestic violence laws

Violence or abuse that occurs between people who are related or who are in close relationships is often termed a domestic dispute. Although it is often thought of as only a problem between individuals in intimate relationships, in New York the laws regarding domestic disputes also extend to family members related by blood. This can mean that abuse committed by a parent toward their child is punishable under the domestic violence statutes of the state.

Television star arrested on domestic violence claims

As many married New Yorkers can attest, living with someone and sharing one's life with a partner can be both beautiful and challenging. While it is wonderful to have a committed relationship on which the partners may build trust and love, it can be difficult to adapt to the many changes one must accept in order to successfully live in a marriage. Not all marriages last, as readers of this family law blog may know, and an unfortunate number of couples experience extreme emotions that can sometimes turn into more serious actions.

Take steps to end the pattern of domestic violence in your life

It is a heartbreaking reality that many people in New York suffer in silence as the victims of domestic violence. It is not always possible to tell if a person is a domestic violence victim just by looking at them, as domestic violence is more than just physical violence. Domestic violence can involve emotional and psychological harm, physical and sexual abuse and other damaging means of inflicting misery on members of the aggressors' households.

Do New York domestic violence protections extend to ex-spouses?

New York residents often change relationships over the course of their lives. Whether they date several people before they marry, spend their lives in unmarried partnerships or enter into subsequent marriages after ending prior unions, many people do not spend their lives with the first people they form intimate relationships with.

What forms of relief may an order for protection provide?

Orders for protection are issued by New York courts for the protection of victims of domestic violence. Because domestic violence may take on many different forms, orders for protection are not limited to simple restrictions on the aggressors' behaviors. A variety of different actions may be prevented and prohibited for a domestic violence abuser per the terms of a valid order for protection.

What is domestic violence?

Some people in New York may think that domestic violence is limited to physical attacks. However, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence provides a broad definition of what constitutes domestic violence. Domestic violence occurs between intimate partners and can involve physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Domestic violence does not have to follow a pattern or happen regularly. It may look very different from household to household, but generally involves the desire of the abuser to control their victim.

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