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Will I be awarded spousal support after my divorce?

When a New York divorce is finalized, the parties to the ended marriage are returned to their single status and are free to marry again if they so choose. The parties are no longer obligated to each other as they were when they were married, though agreements and orders created during their divorce proceedings may continue to bind them for many years into the future.

New York divorces may be based on fault or no-fault grounds

In 2010, New York became the final state in the country to provide its residents with a no-fault grounds for divorce. Prior to the change of law divorcing parties had to choose a fault ground to include in their proceedings, just to finalize the process. This was true even if the parties were pursuing an uncontested divorce and both desired to end their marriage.

Health care concerns cause some to put divorce on hold

When investigating new employment opportunities many New Yorkers look at what their salaries would be as well as what benefits they may receive as part of their compensation packages. For example, they may find that their prospective employers' offer retirement savings' plans or that they contribute to their employees' pensions. Many, however, look for one very important benefit that can be rather expensive to cover out of pocket: health care insurance.

Poll: Majority of all types of Americans find divorce morally OK

A recent poll by the Gallup organization found that the majority of U.S. adults, regardless of age, religiosity or marital status, now view divorce as a morally acceptable option. Americans are coming to see both marriage and divorce in a more formalistic, legal way than they used to, the analysis concluded. This is a trend that continues even though the divorce rate is at its lowest point in decades.

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