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How can prenuptial agreements affect a divorce in New York?

When there are concerns about a business, significant assets or one prospective spouse being substantially wealthier than the other, it is not unusual for couples in New York to enter into prenuptial agreements before they get married. If the marriage comes to an end, these agreements are prone to dispute. Either side can complain about the contents of a prenuptial agreement and even call the entire document into question. For people who have a prenuptial agreement and are getting a divorce, there are important legal facts that should be understood.

What are child support percentages and how is income gauged?

Child support is vital for children to achieve their maximum potential and be cared for properly in New York. When a couple divorces, one of the biggest divorce legal issues they will face often centers around child support. This is an issue rife with the potential for disputes and hard feelings. Every case is different and the circumstances of the parents can vary. For example, if it is a high-asset divorce, a low-asset divorce or anywhere in between, the amount that will be ordered will obviously differ. However, there are certain guidelines that the state will use when deciding how much will be paid. It is crucial to understand these rules.

Is a contested or uncontested divorce the better choice for me?

For New Yorkers, divorce is often a difficult process rife with emotions and concerns about the future. However, some couples can agree on the issues that need to be settled as they take steps to end the marriage and do not need a drawn-out process. This exemplifies the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce. Before deciding on which is better for the situation, it is important to grasp the basics for each.

Why might business owners want to execute a prenuptial agreement?

When a couple in New York decides to marry, they do not often take an inventory of what each spouse will bring to the marriage financially. However, when a business is involved, it is important that a spouse takes the time to properly protect that business. This is often when a prenuptial agreement can really shine.

Ways to secure a strong and valid prenuptial agreement

When you think about it, preparing to get married is has some similarities to preparing to get divorced. A lot of time and effort is put into both events, and in most cases, serious decisions must be made. Finally, finances control both, in the sense that finances control how lavish the marriage ceremony will be or finances control how issues pertaining to support and property will be awarded following a dissolution. Because the two events are major life events, it seems logical to take steps to make both matters better. Taking the time to understand the capabilities and benefits of a prenuptial agreement could be extremely beneficial for couples in New York.

Hidden tax issues during divorce

Many things enter a person's mind when they think about ending their marriage. Of course, there is the emotional aspect of this matter. In addition, spouses in New York are faced with the challenging task of splitting up their belongings. It can be hard to part ways with certain pieces of property; however, this is a vital step to take. It is also important to consider how the decision made today could impact each spouse in the future.

Going through a divorce on a budget

When we imagine walking down the aisle on our wedding day, we are often overjoyed and filled with positive thoughts. These emotions are the exact opposite when that same couple walks down the aisle in a divorce court. The one thing that is similar in these situations is that both spouses want to complete both events on a budget. A wedding and a divorce are two events that can cause a person's wallet to take a major hit. Much like there are ways to marry on a budget, residents of New York may be relieved to hear that it is also possible to divorce on a budget.

The predisposition of divorce

With the divorce rate around fifty percent, it is likely that one knows more than one person that has gone through the divorce process. In some cases, individuals that were children of divorce also had divorced grandparents and saw marriages end all around them. This has led some to question whether a person is more likely to divorce based on their family's history of divorce.

What are the benefits of a New York prenuptial agreement?

Certain things stand out among the rich and famous when they get married. Not only are they likely to extravagant weddings, but also these individuals are highly likely to have a prenuptial agreement in their union. While these documents are used to protect one's fortunes, today, they do much more than that. Therefore, these marital legal documents are not just for the wealthy.

What is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce?

When couples in New York and elsewhere decide to end their marriage, it might be a mutual situation. Both spouses look at the marriage as being a negative relationship, and ending it will provide both of them with the ability to start fresh. However, some spouses are caught off-guard when their spouse files for divorce. This can sometimes be a complex matter, as contesting a divorce requires much more work.

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